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Ehsan House facilitates these choices through the following initiatives

Vocational Training

When clients reach a level at which they are ready to engage in productive activity they are introduced to the vocational training unit. The aim of training is to impart vocational skills to the clients that prepare them for a contributory role in the family and community. Vocational skills are taught by professional skills instructors, who assess the skills and interests of each resident and build the training programs based on the individuals. Some of the favorite courses of Ehsan House's residents are tailoring, weaving, drawing, carpet weaving, pottery, anthem practicing, and physical training


Once clients have completed their training, employment is sought to reinforce its benefits. Ehsan House helps clients pursue many different employment angles dependent on their personal circumstances

Many clients find employment within Ehsan House and its projects


  • Residents of Ehsan living home are often employed within the facility giving them the financial benefits work within a completely understanding environment.
  • Residents also work in the office and garden of Ehsan House.
  • Outpatients of the clinics work in various roles including helping in the pharmacy and with transportation.