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The institute is hosting and controlling the rehabilitation center for chronic mental patients called “Ehsan House”. In Ehsan House, different services such as supplying humanitarian aids, assisting damaged people with mental diseases, residential care, and overnight care of chronic mental patients are provided. During the last years, the institute has hosted more than 14 thousand patients who have been released after getting the required treatments. Currently we are hosting 482 mental patients, 360 men and 122 women. The philosophy 'Our sky is as blue as yours’ conveys the message of dignity and support for the mentally ill people. The institute for protecting social victims generally focuses on the vulnerable groups of people in the society, but Mental Health issue figures high on its list of priorities. Many mental patients are left socially isolated, stigmatized, deprived, and even made into pariahs. Then they must suffer being homeless and unemployed. So, the institute aims to offer prevention systems, provide access to care and rehabilitation, deliver community awareness, and instigate policy advocacy and research. According to Iran Psychologists Association, About 23 percent of the Iran's population suffers from a type of mental disorders. Also, here is a lack of support and attention for mentally ill people. The Ehsan House planned to provide a wide range of services needed to helpmental patients, and their family, on their waytorecovery and to apply pressure to change the current system.


How Ehsan House helps

Rescue and cure Mental illness requires careful treatment and much patience and persistence. No one person follows the same path to recovery, indeed recovery itself means something different to every client. Standard models of care do not accommodate this, often relying heavily upon medication in order to reduce symptoms... and then leaving treatment at that. How Ehsan House helps Access to care in the community Ehsan House offers two different types of care. • Outpatient services – Ehsan House health care center provides psychiatric medication and counseling services to persons with mental illness. Care in this instance is accessed for a variety of reasons ranging from familial discord through to personal mental illness and continual care for ex-residents of Ehsan House. • Awareness programs - some of those with mental illness are afraid to access care for fear of the stigma and discrimination they may face as a result. Others resist treatment because they are simply unaware of its benefits. Campaigns, seminars and leaflet drops all contribute to an increase in awareness and incidence of accessing care. Effective residential care at Ehsan House In the first instance, rescued people are provided with primary care: a bath, clothes, nourishment and shelter. Much of the care at this level is provided by donations in kind from Ehsan House’s supporters. The next step is to establish the psychiatric medication and psychological therapies that the individual needs in order to begin to cope and come to terms with their illness. The final, and possibly most unique and important of the care mechanisms of Ehsan House, is the culture of acceptance and positivity that is created by the staff, health care workers and the clients themselves. This positive peer culture allows the residents to explore their illness in a safe and nurturing environment with the support of everyone around them; they motivate one another, are creative together, care for one another and learn how to increase their overall level of role performance and interpersonal skills through experience of others. The individuality of each resident is carefully encouraged and preserved as it is only from this position of understanding that they can enter into rehabilitation. After-Care Ehsan House maintains contact with residents once they have returned home, providing moral support as well as posting medication to those unable to access treatment in their area. This is all to sustain the rehabilitation process in its infancy stages whilst the client settles into a routine at home. Long-term care for those that cannot return to their families The aim of Ehsan House therapeutic interventions is eventual rehabilitation to communities and families across the country. For some this is not possible for a variety of reasons: perhaps their families cannot be found or are unable or unwilling to accept them, in some instances constant care is required that cannot be provided in the family. Whatever the reason, it is essential that a caring solution is found for these individuals to ensure that they do not simply end up back on the streets. "The Ehsan living Home" Project is such a solution. Here 10 ex-residents of Ehsan House live and work together in a homenear the Ehsan House. The atmosphere of this project is peaceful, caring and accepting: each resident is encouraged to express themselves as they want but also to support others. This non-institutional style of care is a proven model for the continual, cost-effective treatment of long-stay clients.Currently, Ehsan House is also Building a bigger dormitory and bringing some patients back to the society with living together and dealing with their routine. The term rehabilitation refers to the process of a client reclaiming his or her own body, mind, spirit and interpersonal relationships in order to have the ability choose their own future. People who make a recovery from homelessness and mental illness make different choices about their future course of life - some want to go back to their families, some may have resistant families, no families to go back to or may not want to go back to their families and therefore seek employment and others require long term support due to age or profound physical or mental illness.

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